Jay Gurav

Fullstack developer

I'm a software developer during the day and a geek by night. Writing software is my profession, hobby, and passion. Currently cajoling code with coffee at Decathlon.

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Why GraphQL?

Apr 17 2021

GraphQL was developed to cope with the need for more flexibility and efficiency! learn how it solves many of the shortcomings and inefficiencies that developers experience when interacting with REST APIs.

Functions -am I pure?

Jun 28 2021

Believe me functional programming and pure functions have some desirable properties, that are much rather well said than properly implemented. learn more about pure functions.

GraphQL Types system

May 13 2021

Type systems are built-in features of most programming languages, generally used to formalize and enforce a consistent criteria of how data should be stored and accessed, learn more about GraphQL type systems

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Authentication or Authorization?

Apr 23 2021

Authentication or Authorization? These two terms are somewhat related and have overlapping mechanisms in application security. But they aren't the same thing!.

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Merge React refs

Aug 02 2021

Apply multiple ref's to single DOM element


Aug 02 2021

A custom hook to determine the viewport size